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Expecto Patronum Meaning

10. Favorite spell: Expecto Patronum. The quote above really does the meaning and depth to this spell justice. In a time of danger and darkness, this spell offers safety and happiness. By remembering the happiest memory that one has, this spell gives relief from the darkness and sadness that surrounds you. Not to mention, the animal that the protunus takes form of is unique to every person.

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Cool Minimalist Harry Potter Spell Expecto Patronum Tattoo on Inner Upper Arm

Person’s Meaning Behind The Tattoo: The Spell Actually Means I Await For A Protector” In Latin. In The Harry Potter Itself, ‘expecto Patronum” Is Used To Repel Dementors. Dementor Is The Guard Of The Azkaban Prison, A Dark Creature That Absorbs Your Joy


my newest tattoo <3 expecto patronum meaning “i hope for a guardian” the artist is mark meyer from dekalb illinois at a little shop called proton tattoos, theyre the best there!


Fantastic Beasts - Jacob digesting Newt’s “wisdom” My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.