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Expressive therapies

Community Building & Social Justice

Aspergers Spectrum (ASD)

Expressive language therapy tool for children. Provides a handout similar to the expanding expression tool with activities to use to assist the child in talking about different objects, stories, and activities.

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Carrier phrases are phrases in which the first few words are constant and only the last word changes. These phrases help to encourage longer utterances, offer repetition and provide multiple opportunities to practice targets without an additional cognitive task of having to generate ideas, which may detract from the articulation or vocabulary drill.

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Freebie for Irregular Past Tense Verbs. Simple sentence starter worksheets with a picture to help understanding.

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I usually give the client a prompt that goes something like this: "Imagine your life is like a journey along a road. Draw a picture to represent what this road would look like. Think about the the important events that have happened so far and where you hope to be heading."

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/R/ you kidding me?

When I found myself in the elementary setting for the first time, there was nothing more painful than inheriting 8 IEPs with /r/ goals. In looking at previous IEPs, the student usually had been working on the sound for at least a couple of years, and had made no progress.

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Complex verbal directions - directional, temporal, multiple, conditional. FREE

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