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Extant stockings

A rare extant 14th century stocking said to have belonged to the archbishop of Bayonne. It is made of a variegated silk brocade, depicting eagles and antelopes, that was woven in the 13th century, and made into a stocking in the following century.

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Stockings, 1830's, European, Made of silk

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Silk Stockings, 1846, French, MET Museum Accession # C.I.45.113.3a, b

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Silk sock, 1540-1560, Museum of London

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16 century cotton stockings pattern - Google Search

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Knitted silk stocking from Italy, discarded between the years 1470-1540. Photo: Historical textiles

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Stockings Date: 19th century Culture: French Medium: silk

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stockings early 19th century italian

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Stockings Date: 1900 Culture: French Medium: silk

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Man's stockings, knitted, mid 16th century (San Domenico Maggiore, Naples).

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