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These hands on geometry lessons are such a great way to help kids see the relationship between the interior and exterior angles in triangles! This free download is simple to use and includes teaching tips and an answer key!

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Interior & Exterior Angles of Triangles Matching Activity

This matching activity is a great way to have students practice finding unknown measures of interior and exterior angles of triangles. There are 12 problems students will solve and match up the answers to on the mat. Students need to apply the triangle sum theorem and also use supplementary and complementary angles to solve for the unknown measure. Teacher answer key included! Common Core Aligned: 8.G.5

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Angle Relationships Scavenger Hunt

Get students out of their seats and writing equations to solve for missing angle measures with this interactive angle relationships scavenger hunt. Students will practice writing equations to determine angles measures given algebraic expressions to represent angles. Students will be able to solve for x or a missing angle given parallel lines cut by a transversal (with congruent or supplementary pairs), interior and/or exterior angle measures of a triangle and more. By Free to Discover.

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Special Angle Pairs: "Twisted Fingers" Game

This game (played like tabletop version of Twister) helps students practice identifying special angle pairs along a transversal with parallel lines. The following angle pairs are included:- Alternate Interior Angles- Alternate Exterior Angles- Corresponding Angles- Supplementary Angles- Vertical Angles- Linear Pairs- Congruent AnglesThere are two game boards plus a spinner included.

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PARALLEL LINES CUT BY A TRANSVERSAL - Task Cards {40 Cards} Topics included: ✔ Identifying Angle Pairs (Alternate Interior Angles, Alternate Exterior Angles, Same-Side Interior Angles, Same-Side Exterior Angles, Corresponding Angles, Vertical Angles) ✔ Finding the Missing Angle ✔ Solving an Equation Perfect for math assessments, math stations, math homework. 8th grade math common core 8.G.5

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Triangles - Exterior Angle Sum Theorem #1 Coloring Activity

This is a coloring activity for a set of 12 problems on the exterior angle sum theorem. The exterior angle is equal to the sum of the two remote…