dirty martini...2 parts gin, 1 part vodka, smidge of olive juice & garnish... 2 or 3 queen size olives...

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Dirty Martini This savory concoction is one of the most popular modern cocktails. Whether you prefer your Martini with gin or vodka, adding a bit of olive brine to the recipe gives the drink a whole new flavor. And while any kind of brine will work, we recommend using the liquid from unpitted green olives.

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Extra Dry Martini Recipe - Are you ready to cook? Let's try to make Extra Dry Martini in your home!

Duke’s Classic Dry Martini: Ingredients 1 tsp Extra Dry Vermouth 85ml No.3 Gin Amalfi lemon Method: Pour the Extra Dry Vermouth into a frozen martini glass (either 7oz or 5.5oz glass) and coat in a circular motion. Top up the glass with ice cold No.3 gin. Pare the rind of an Amalfi lemon, and give it a twist to extract the oils into the glass.

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