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Lightning Storm& Tornado!

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In Chile, A Lightning Storm Breaks Out Above An Erupting Volcano

In the Chilean volcano Cordón Caulle began erupting. Several miles away, in the town of Lago Ranco, photographer Francisco Negroni captured these extraordinary images... Read more at Gizmodo. See more from Negroni and buy prints. Share these...

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Short lived rope tornado north of Wharland,Wyoming~5/21/14

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Lightnings, hurricanes, tornados and supercells by storm chaser Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman is a photographer, born in 1962 in the USA, chasing extreme weather across the country and capturing it at its peak. Some of her clients include National Geographic Magazine & Newsweek.

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20+ Stunning Photos of Extreme Weather

Dust Storm Photograph by Daniel Bryant 20+ Stunning Photos of Extreme Weather

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A roadside and topside view of the famous Yuki-no-Otani Snow Canyon in the Japanese Alps of Honshu Island. The greatest snow depths ever mea...

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Russia's frozen Lake Baikal is covered in naturally occurring formations called ice hummocks. Created by the area's extreme weather conditions, these picturesque blocks can reach a height of 50 feet.

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Rozel Tornado by ryanmcginnisphoto on Flickr

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Update: This was labeled as a tornado, but other pinners say it's actually shadow on a sand dune. Older post: Amazing weather. Tornado in Namibia. National Geographic. Several photos

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Venezuela’s nightly lightning show Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo sees more lightning than anywhere else on earth. Our writer gets a ringside seat to watch the action

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See the northern lights. The northern lights in Alaska are shown in any disney movies and looks beautiful.

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Pictures: The Story Behind Sun Dogs, Penitent Ice, and More

A lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan, pulls double duty as an icicle-bearing sentinel. This type of ice is similarly formed like rime ice.

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8 Extreme Weather Events As Seen From Space

Forces of Nature Forces of Nature - what are they? Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes come to mind. In the documentary film genre, the new Force of Nature, suggests that humans have become a force of nature. In this documentary, reno

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So much intense beauty yet the item in the foreground shows it's power and the known inevitability of destruction. ~Lorelei~™

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Extreme weather in the UK - in pictures

Huge waves engulf Whitehaven harbour in Cumbria on Thursday morning as gale-force winds cause havoc throughout the country

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