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MERCURY - A1097361 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/26/16 **NEW HOPE RESCUE ONLY** A volunteer writes: Mercury is so dandy looking. He is a tricolor little wiry Terrier, so elegant, beautifully dressed and equipped with giant and soulful eyes . His umbrella ears dance with sounds as Mercury is always in alert. Mercury is welcoming in his kennel. His tail wags and he is at his door. He accepts easily the leash, walks well, although he is skittish, jumping with


Deinopis subrufa Deinopidae "This is a classic closeup shot of the face of the net-casting spider, with the enormous posterior median eyes. Jumping spiders have large anterior median eyes. Deinopis subrufa is a big, gentle, elongated spider, body length up to 25mm. Apparently they are attracted to some vibrations like the idling of a 4WD."


Gymnastic jumping exercises are beneficial for both horse and rider. For myself, this exercise helps my eye, position, and straightness. For the horse, it improves flexibility, strength, and coordination. I like putting the trot poles in first, to make them be patient for the cross rail, then build up to a vertical, and lastly an oxer :) you can put a two stride in there as well. #schoolingsecrets


I love riding when its a summer day and stormy..always my best rides...Im off to do just that, what a wonderful way to spend a festive evening with family friends and my steeds!! Cheers! XO