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Hubble observations over the past 2 decades have revealed an huge complexity and diversity of structure in planetary nebulae. This is an X-ray/optical composite image of the Cat’s Eye Nebula (NGC 6543). Image via HST’S Greatest Hit


Agate "The quartz crystals in agate is said to be cryptocrystalline - which means that it has a crystalline structure so fine that no distinct particles are recognizeable by the naked eye, nor under the microscope, with regular magnification."


Juansilvaite (new mineral) ~ Torrecillas Mine, Salar Grande, Iquique, Tarapacá Region, Chile ~ Juansilvaite is a new mineral which forms colourless to pink (due to some Mn3+ in the structure) aggregates. Formula: Na5Al3[AsO3(OH)]4[AsO2(OH)2]2(SO4)2·4H2 Crystal System: Monoclinic


Honeycomb Calcite It's hard to take your eyes off this slab.  Honed and polished on two sides, its translucency allows the color and cell-structure to stand out.