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Eye Tear

Join me on the Walking Beyond blog - a community of support for caregivers. While you may not be in this exact situation, you may know someone who is. Please forward this blog to them, so they know they are not alone.


Eye, edited, blue hues, monochromatic, glowing, reflective, crying, sad, bold.

from Etsy

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Eye Tear drawing, Black and white, Printable colored pencil art, Fine art prints, Modern Wall Art, Printable artwork, Wall decor,


I hear each tear drop that falls from your face. My love reaches down and wipes it clean with My grace. Your tears I have stored within a bottle. At the end of your race each one will no longer be a trace. I will wipe each one and empty them from your bottle. You will then behold My face and there in My Presence will dissolve all of your troubles.