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Ezra Levant: ‘Why didn’t this mass shooting back in April in Aurora make news?’ (video)

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media reports, Justin Trudeau is refusing to move into 24 Sussex Drive until it gets millions of dollars in renovations, paid for by ...

Fresh off his interview with The Rebel's Ezra Levant, Tommy Robinson has a new video ripping into Germany's self-destruction.

Stand with Ezra - "For nearly 7 years I've fought for FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Canada. And we've had great successes. And that's why I've been targeted with nuisance lawsuits by political censors ever since. It's LAWFARE to shut me up. And they've got me in court again. But with your help, I'll keep fighting for freedom, and winning, for all of us." - Ezra Levant. Lawfare is part of jihad by a thousand cuts.

Oil sands and mudslinging: Calgary Mayor Nenshi, Ezra Levant get into Twitter war Calgary's Mayor Nenshi gets into Twitter tiff with Ezra Levant The public conversation quickly devolved with Mr. Nenshi's use of a loaded question