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The F-35 is descended from the X-35, the product of the Joint Strike Fighter program. The F-35 took its first flight on 15 December 2006. The United States plans to buy 2,443 aircraft. The F-35 variants are intended to provide the bulk of its manned tactical airpower for the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy over the coming decades. Deliveries of the F-35 for the U.S. military are to be completed in 2037

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7 Things The Marines Have To Do To Make The F-35B Worth The Huge Cost

F-35 fighter jet more problematic and costly than ever imagined - Air Force secretary; RT, with Jim W. Dean, July 30, 2015, Veterans Today:


The F-35 Lightning II jet known as AF-7 arrives at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on Friday to begin its flight testing program.

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Declassified: 18 little-known facts about US Air Force stealth program (pictures)

Declassified: 18 little-known facts about US Air Force stealth program (pictures)

‘The F-35 fighter plane program is a prime candidate for big cuts. It’s the most expensive weapon ever designed, complete with massive cost overruns.’



An Italian Air Force KC-767A tanker prepares to refuel an F-35A during their first test sortie Jul 22, 2015. Italy’s F-35 program achieved two recent milestones with the completion of the first aerial refueling certification between an Italian Air Force KC-767A tanker with an F-35A and the inaugural flight of an Italian-built F-35A. (Lockheed Martin photo/Jonathan Case)