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This Is What The Characters From Narcos Look Like In Real Life

La policia de EE.UU y Colombia detienen a Fabio Ochoa Bernal y Alejandro Bernal considerados los mafiosos más poderosos del mundo. Publicado el 14 de octubre de 1999


Juan David Ochoa Vásquez (c. 1949 – 25 July 2013) was a Colombian former drug trafficker and one of the founders of the Medellín Cartel, a major drug trafficking cartel based in the city of Medellín.[1] Juan David was the elder brother of Jorge Luis and Fabio Ochoa Vásquez, powerful figures inside the Medellín Cartel.[1][2] In 1991, Juan David Ochoa Vásquez, together with his brother Jorge Luis, turned themselves in to the Colombian government in order to receive the benefits of…


RESORTE III, foundation Sire. Sire of Sires. Colombian Paso Fino Stallion, Breeder: Ruben Brion. CALI.Owned by: Fabio Ochoa, Medellin.he sold the horse to Enrique Vasquez, Pasto. Enrique sold the horse to Rafael (rafi) Rivera from Puerto Rico. Rider: Luis Alfredo ochoa. (Picture) at the time of the picture the horse was owned by Enrique Vasquez. (Pasto) RESORTE III, Sire of RESCATE, RESORTE IV, ISLERO, PACHECO and many other important stallion and mares. December 29 1969


RESORTE III. At the time of the picture was owned by Enrique Vasquez. The breeder was Ruben Brion. Purchased by Fabio Ochoa R. And then was sold it to Enrique Vasquez. In 1969/1970 was purchased by Raffi Rivera from Puerto Rico. Right there is when the paso fino Colombiano open doors to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the USA. RESORTE III is the most important foundation Sire of all times.


This is Fabio Ochoa. The Patriarch of the Ochoa family of the Medellin Cartel. In Cocaine Cowboys Jon Roberts describes Ochoa as the "real king of cocaine... who controlled Escobar". The Ochoa family are credited with creating a "Lloyd's of London" for the Columbian cocaine trade. They were a highly respected family of ranchers with enormous influence in the city of Medellin.