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Facial Fillers

from Marie Claire

Thinking About Facial Fillers? Here's What You Need To Know

HA fillers (also known as hyaluronic acid fillers) such Juvederm and Voluma, have been found in a recent study to provide long-term collagen stimulation.


Thanks to advances is cosmetic treatment you can actually restore the youthful appearance of your skin through facial fillers. As this infographic illustrates, facial fillers can plump your skin, replace volume, and encourage your body’s natural collagen production. Source:


For many, the first appearance of frown lines is a real worry. And of course, when we worry, we frown – compounding the problem once more. A make-up re-strategy can make-do for a while, but eventually there comes a time when further treatment becomes a serious consideration.

from TotalBeauty

Which Facial Filler Is Right for You?

Which Facial Filler Is Right for You? the right facial filler to use depends on the length of time that you want it to last and the risk of possible blebs or lumps that you may feel. Juvederm and radiesse for my personal favorites at this time


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