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This can apply to so many different things in life! Ive had to learn this myself a few times. Most recently was in regards to driving after the accident. Since the accident i have been very nervous as a passenger in a car let alone as the driver. But I decided that I don't want the negative things that happened in my past and the fear of them happening in my future to stop positive things happening in my present! So today I faced my fears head on and finally got my licence! What I've…

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Do those things that you are afraid to accomplish.Take that step towards greatness and face those dark shadows in life with a courageous light from within.

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22 Quotes About Self-Confidence That Will Brighten Up Your Life

Reshape the way you think about yourself and your abilities with these inspiring picture quotes about having self-confidence.


If you are feeling fear, it could be because what you are doing is so important that you are afraid of it not happening. If you don't won't happen. That, is a bigger risk.