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Learn the hard facts about depression and how it can be treated through our Teen Depression in America Infographic
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asdfghjkllove: If you like psychology facts, quotes, astrology, college tips, disney, mental health posts (posts about how to cope with depression or be happy), then you should follow this blog.

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Depression: 14 Important Insights

Depression is a treatable illness. We are learning more about depression every day and a lot ground is being made in the search for effective treatments with minimal side effects.

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18 Facts about Depression ←FACTSlides→ Severe Depression can cause us to biologically age more by increasing the aging process in cells.

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Depression Can Kill! Educate Yourself And Make A Difference! by thot4food |
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Hmm.... Think about this. Think about those people in your life, or yourself, who are incredibly funny. What do they have going on at home?

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Important facts on the diagnosis and treatment of depression from the world's experts.

abuse might be causing your depression. people often know about the "fight/flight" survival instinct (aka, anxiety), but people are less likely to know about "freeze/submit" (aka depression)-- try grounding/mindfulness-- are you physically safe? seek safety and FEEL it

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