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This product is designed to teach kids about Thomas Jefferson.Included:*a close reading text about Thomas Jefferson*cut and paste True/ False statements about Thomas Jefferson*a writing prompt that makes the students use the facts they learned about his lifeHappy Teaching!Dana's Wonderland


But just remember that people being afraid of tomatoes actually had a very valid reason. From what we know now, back then many people's dishes were made out of substances known to be toxic (like lead). The acid in tomatoes and certain other foods would cause small amounts of the toxic substance to come off into the food and would LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE. Since not all foods did this, people assumed that it was the food and not the dishes that were harmful...

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Scavenger Hunt. Here is a fun activity to help your students learn about Thomas Jefferson.Hide some fact cards around your classroom and have the students search for these cards. Once they find a card, they fill the information onto a blank timeline.