. -I like the whole mirror thing because it makes you ask yourself, "Why would she bring a mirror into the forest with her? What is it about that mirror?"

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The Ethereal Series #fashion #photography http://www.liveviewstudios.com/fashion-model-photography/ethereal-she-acts-like-summer-and-walks-like-rain/

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Some say that art is not complete without a little fantasy, and fantasy photography opens the doors to many creative opportunities that make fairy tales come true. If you are a fairy tale lover, why not consider adding a touch of magic to your bridal or pre-wedding portraits? Fantasy photography takes a lot of time …

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Hello I'm Princess Rosanne of Dermourn. I'm nineteen years old. My father sent me here to find a husand but I don't know if I'll find one since I don't try to socialize very much. I can usually be found in the sables with my horse, Moonshine on almost anyday. I can be found reading books in the library or my room sometimes though. I'm very shy so I'll be a mystery to you until you get to know me.

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Absinthe är en örtbaserad alkoholhaltig spritdryck man aldrig tröttnar på och det finns så mycket på nätet. Vad nästan ingen vet är att den godaste absinten med tujon mixar man I köket. More

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Sure, I'm going to eat a magic apple from a purple haired girl with antlers growing out of her head.

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