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Asdfghjkl my heart, is now broken. Fairy tail ... natsu x lucy

Fairy Tail Anime

I have gone through serious love hate with this show. I mostly hate the excessive fan-service. But I do love the characters most of the time and the story telling.

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Excuse the language but most everything is true expect the Lucy one Natsu will never come and save you

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I can't stop laughing XD ( She's also Asuna from Sword Art online dubbed )

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Fairy Tail, NaLu, Natsu x Lucy, I will protect the future! THE FEELS I AM DEAD FROM THE FEELS

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i was immediately distracted when i saw the words "Ice Boy" I could just hear Newton Pittman's (Gray Fullbuster DUB) voice in my head shouting "DONT CALL ME THAT!" like when Sugarboy kept calling Gray "Ice Boy" in Edolas lmao

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