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Fallen Arches

from Mail Online

By Gillian Reeves

ple to get their shoes off as much as they can – at home, in the garden, anywhere there are no sharp objects on the floor,' says Fred Beaumont, of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. 'When your feet are stuck in poorly fitted shoes all day the foot muscles can become "unfit", leading to weak arches, which can result in flat feet. 'It may sound c


Sleeves have padding built into the underside to help raise up fallen arches and flat feet, relieving plantar fasciitis and other foot pain

from Runner's World

Rebuilding Flat Feet

The importance of foot health in running cannot be overstated. Lack of strength and flexibility in the feet can cause a cascade of events that reverberates up the entire kinetic chain. The foot is our first and only point of contact with the ground, and, just as a house with an unstable foundation will be plagued by cracks and fissures, so too a human body with weak feet will suffer instability.WHAT IT IS