Taco Bell's response to 'false advertising' =] Taco Bell has awesome interactions on Twitter

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Women are not a product to be sold, so why would makeup be considered false advertising?

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A bunch of jokes for people obsessed with makeup, and then this burn to the assholes who call makeup "false advertising" - "Oh that's funny. Because I'm not a product. And I'm not trying to sell myself to you." BOOM. Mic drop. Because those guys really do see us as objects and property, deep down.

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Men who say makeup is "false advertisement" *need* to be aggressively reminded that women aren't products.

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It's Not Just The Bikini Bodies In Magazine Ads That Are Fake. Practically Everything Is.

False Advertising...Tricks that advertisers use to make there product more appealing.

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Ads Vs Reality: Sad Examples Of False Advertising
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