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Strict Muscle Up Progressions No lies....if this is ever accomplishes it WILL take LOTS of hard work!!

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Gymnastic Rings 101: How to Grip the Rings

The False Grip on the Rings Gymnastic Rings 101: How to Grip the Rings (Part 2 of 3) (Art of Manliness)

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In this series, Carl demonstrates the progressions to build up to a Human Flag, where the athlete is able to hold a horizontal side plank position while only holding on to a vertical post or object.In this video, Carl shows how to transition from the arm lever hold on the box to the pole, using the same arm positions and elbow stab to lever your body into a side plank hold.

In this second video segment we'll take the basic requirements to build up to a Muscle Up with no false grip, and try them on the rings.

Wondering about false grip and how you can practice pulling yourself up on the rings? This week's video goes over the false grip, the toenail muscle up, and the false grip ring row.

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