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Lucknow Dagger •Dated: late 18th Century •Culture: Oriental •Place of Origin: England •Measurements: overall length 39 cm The wooden scabbard has leather covering, gilt brass mounts, and is engraved with a crescent between racemes, signed, at the back the writing "NEILD & GOLDNEY’S St. James Str. Sword Cutler’s to His Highness THE PRINCE OF WALES".


Ban fur farms in the US now! | "More than 50 million animals are violently killed f/use in fashion every yr. Methods used to kill animals f/their fur include gassing, electrocution & neck breaking. Fur-bearing animals are also caught & killed in barbaric body-gripping traps. Neither fur nor fur trim is a byproduct of the meat industry. Rabbit fur is often falsely identified as a byproduct of meat production." Click for details & SIGN & share petition to end this nightmare/animal cruelty!


Hunting Hanger with Flintlock Pistol The sword has a straight, single and false-edged blade with a fuller. It is engraved with a heart, a cross and floral motifs and marked with "vigilandum". On one side of the blade there’s a flintlock pistol with a two-stage, bronze barrel. The grip is made of wood and covered with mother-of-pearl and engraved with a tortoise. It has brass mounts featuring embossed hunting motifs. Source: © Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.


An important & beautiful shamshir.; dating: second quarter of the 18th Century; provenance: India Moghul. Curved, single -and false-edged blade with central fuller, at the forte a mark depicting three circles. Massive, dark jade grip shaped in the typical Moghul style and enriched with silver inlays; silver quillon decorated with two shells, curls & geometrical engravings, provided with stamps and a snake-shaped stamp as the silver quality mark.


Bats are often thought of as rodents with wings, which is quite false. The anatomy of a bat's wing, oddly enough, is rather similar to a human hand