family ties -where Michael J Fox got his start and the most successful in his movie career after this show ended.

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I cant say how much I love the family ties Image detail for -family ties :: Best 80s TV Shows :: Television :: Entertainment ...

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Alex P. Keaton...aka Michael J. Fox from Family Ties. One of the best sitcoms of the 80's.

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The whole show was funny, but "Family Ties" always elicits laughter from me in the first minute or so when the intro ends with "sha-la-la-laaaaaa."

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Family Ties. Alex P Keaton was the funniest character ever. His love for Nixon and Reagan still make me laugh.

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"sit, Ubu, sit.... Good boy." - UBU prod. started in 1981 by Gary David Goldberg. You could see it at the end of Family Ties (1982-89) - Ubu was Goldbergs dog that he travelled with. This was taken in France.

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Another important part of my Michael J Fox phase! From this series I learnt what scuba means. God only knows why I remember that 25 years later.

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