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Omg, LOVE the artists table names idea. SO doing this if we end up being able to have it at the art museum after all.

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Trying to sneak vegetables into my son’s diet is like trying to sneak art history into my visual arts curriculum. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems, and he gets bored of the same old vegetable, much like my students get bored when I teach art history the same way. Therefore, I frequently try …

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Multi-media art idea: crayons, watercolour resist, and then print-making with paint over taped letters on individual canvasses. Only 20 letters in this quote, so would have to expand in some way for one per student.

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144 Artists to Pique Your Students’ Interest (The Art of Education)

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Because if I'd wanted to be even more frivolous than I already was with a social studies major, I would have loved an art history degree. :)

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1920s Velasquez Art Crayons with Vintage Coloring Page Included Graphics Illustration. Beautiful box design, and kudos for cashing in on a famous artist name.

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If God's name isn't important enough to use, try leaving YOUR name off a cheque. Try and cash it. Scrape off the name of all the famous artists such as Van Gogh etc. and see how much the art is worth without the name.

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