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“What is art but a way of seeing?” Saul Bellow adds to these famous definitions of art, beautifully hand-lettered by artist Lisa Congdon. (Previously.) Thank you, explore-blog.


This is not American.. this is simple and plain GREED ANS SELFISHNESS to the point that many crimes have been committed. The second problem is the people who are also involved are trying to hide. ALL have sold out their country, supporters, and worst their souls to evil! This country is more then vulnerable now, it can be lost if people don't find conviction and get their hearts right with God!!


JFK << In Australia, as our Liberal party moves further to the extreme conservative right, they leave behind any semblance of small l liberal attitude or manifestation. They were always right wing, now they are becoming fascist. It is the Left, the progressives who still believe these truths.


Famous Americans Timelines Cut and Paste FREEBIE!You might be interested in:PRESIDENTS DAY MATH AND LITERACY PRINTABLESPRESIDENTS DAY CENTER (ADJECTIVE OR VERB?)PRESIDENTS DAY NOUNS CENTERI am pleased to offer these cut and paste timelines to you for FREE!Famous Americans Included:George WashingtonAbraham LincolnMartin Luther King, Jr.Rosa ParksHelen KellerTheodor Geisel (Dr.