Memento: the movie that made Chris Nolan famous. A truly original thriller as it is told backwards and through the eyes of a hero with no memory. In other hands it could have been a gimmick but with Nolan's deft handling it really works.

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A great movie poster! Nothing could come between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic, James Cameron's epic 1997 love story! Winner of 11 Oscars! Ships fast. 11x17 inches. Check out the rest

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Illustrated Posters Celebrating Famous Movie Directors German illustrators Julian Rentzsch and Stellavie Design Manufaktur have collaborated to pay tribute to three famous directors Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock, through their posters “Movie Director”. The prints shows a portrait of the director with symbolic patterns belonging to his filmography and a quote.

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The Trainspotting Cast Recreate Their Famous Movie Poster - The Graham ...

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It seems like mainstream media consistently whitewashes leading roles instead of providing equal opportunity. So, with the help of Yukina Mitsuhashi we decided to photoshop a few Asian-American people as leads in famous movie posters to prove there is a spot in Hollywood for everyone. | What Movie Posters Would Look Like If Asian-Americans Got Lead Roles In Hollywood

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