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22 Famous Brand Slogans and The Little Known Stories Behind Them (Infographic)

22 Famous Company Slogans & The Stories Behind Them [Infographic]

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#221 The MARINES are the only branch of the United States Military that can be DEPLOYED to a "Hot Zone" *Without* Congressional approval, short and sweet, the President has 90 days to use the MARINES approval from Congress. Hence the famous slogan, "First to go, last to know"

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 40 Pics

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Barcelona. Poster of the famous slogan "No Pasaran!" which became the battle-cry of the Republican forces. 1936.

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Patrick Henry, a proponent of revolution was a fiery orator who uttered the famous slogan “Give me liberty or give me death!” He was among the earliest to call for military mobilization of the colonies. HHenry's anti-federalist views caused him to oppose adoption of the Constitution in 1787. He served twice as governor of Virginia. - United States Patriots and Founders by George Stuart

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Hay slogans tan buenos que pueden vender cualquier cosa / Max Wright New Condoms project

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