This summer try Strawberry Pina Coladas for a wonderful twist on a great classic. I have a few surprise ingredients that make this extra nice. Nothing makes a hot summer day better like a cold frosty drink. You might even start to think you are by the ocean!

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Purple People Eater Cocktail! A tasty cocktail that get's it's purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice.

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Unicorn Mimosa Edible glitter Sherbet (flavor of your choice) Vodka Champagne Rock candy DIRECTIONS Dip a Champagne flute into water, and rim the glass with edible glitter. Add three scoops of sherbet. Add 1½ ounces of vodka to each Champagne flute. Top off with champagne. Garnish with rock candy (the "horn")

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Serve up Cotton Candy Cocktails to kids and adults for a fun, pretty, non-alcoholic New Year's Eve drink. Also works for baby showers and princess parties!

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This tasty refreshing Kumquat Basil Ginger Limeade is perfect when you want a fancy drink but don't want a headache on the next day!

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Lower Your Blood Sugar Juice Ingredients1 green apple, 1 bitter gourd or bitter melon, 1/2 cucumber,2 sticks celery, 1/2 lemon.Share if you care!

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Grasshoppers are a chocolate mint frozen mixed drink that is perfect for a holiday dessert or after dinner drink.

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