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A really really late B-gift for my best friend, the one and only , most known on Yeah so this is a Kid Flash x Robin comic But i must say that i have improved A LOT from my last gift...

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This picture reminds me of a fanfiction titled The Hale Pack. This is a Sterek story, so beware. I love the story and the writer. I have read it over and over again and I still haven't gotten bored with it! The person who wrote this writes fantastic stories. Her name on this site and on is Miismusiclover573.

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ANBU. I'm not a SasuSaku fan, but if Sasuke had stayed in the village, I could see him helping out his teammate in a time of need. He did help when he could.

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Could you guys all do me a huge favor, and go read my Sherlolly fanfiction? I haven't actually finished yet, but I'd love to hear what you all think!

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This was based off the Fic When the Mask Comes Off (by Jamie Hasaku) which I considered is one of the if not THE best Bluetara fic out there. A definite must! When the Mask Comes Off by on @deviantART

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