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Fantastic Four Names

Interview: ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Director David Yates on Returning to the Potterverse Director David Yates is already intimately familiar with the Harry Potter cinematic universe, having helmed four of the eight movies. But Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them offered him a chance to do something a little different within that universe — namely, design a whole new corner of that…

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chris evans as the human torch | real name jonathan storm alias es johnny storm john storm gender


(Open RP! Anyone can join! Need someone to be Johnny, please. My OC's name is Blaze and her and Johnny are dating. Blaze torch Romance and Humor) Johnny gives Blaze his puppy face. "Fine"says Blaze, unable to resist. "Yes!"smiled Johnny. Blaze chuckles and Johnny takes her out or the Fantastic Four lab.


phil lester ✧ amazingphil & dan howell ✧ danisnotonfire & pj liguori ✧ kickthepj & chris kendall ✧ crabstickz ✧ the fantastic foursome


Finish the week with a name: actress Sharon Stone as invisible woman of the fantastic four. Model: Sharon Stone-Susan Storm (Invisible Woman)


Good luck, Franklin: Sue gives birth to a boy named after her father, but first Reed needs cosmic energy to ensure it's a safe birth, and that energy comes from the Neutral - er, Phantom - er, Negative Zone, especially Annihilus and his Cosmic Control Rod.