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Fantasy defense

I love how he's immediately defensive, like Ron somehow already knows about the kiss

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Doomsday Castle. The ultimate prepper dream home.

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weird-biscuits: xxxkyrareaperxxx: ...

weird-biscuits: “ xxxkyrareaperxxx: “ cracked: “ 11 Self-Defense Techniques (That Even A Child Could Use) ” These are great! These are all really useful methods of defending yourself and I actually learned most of these in my Krav Maga classes. I...

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RebelCaptain + OTP Tags

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100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape

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100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape

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Subtle Safety Defensive Ring -Just extend this ring, it can be used as brass knucles.

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Sentry's Death,apprentice,male,brother to Sky Light, Sunset Death,Veera Wisdom,Wise Riot and Moon Ray.mentor is Thundering Wind,loyal,cunning and brave,this is a wolf to be reckoned with.(me)

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Chicago Bears: Mike Singletary #50 linebacker, One of the greatest linebackers to play the game.

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100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape

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