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Fantasy news and notes: Spencer Ware a must-draft -

Bully is a Minotaur Fighter // Warlord // Beast-blooded Minotaur // Eternal Defender that focuses on keeping his allies safe by maneuvering his enemies around the battlefield and limiting their options to fight back.


A job I would like to have : Becoming a professional gamer seems like a dream job for every gamer out there. It's a fantasy job hopefully to become a reality !


DraftKings Live is a news aggregator that tailors itself to your fantasy football team Today at Disrupt SF 2016 DraftKings CEO Jason Robins sat down with TechCrunchs Fitz Tepper to talk about the future of the Fantasy sports site launching a whole new mobile app from the stage. Robins also confirmed that DraftKings is still in on and off talks to merge with FanDuel its biggest competitor and has been for the past year and a half or so. But its very complicated to put two companies together…


I am disillusioned by our cultural portrayals of female characters. Do people really expect me to be that unadventurous, superficial, needy, silly and boring, just because I am female? This female character looks interesting, for a change.


The Sernian Desert is a dangerous place, but there are friendly faces to be found in the most unlikely of places.