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Farmhouse Watering And Irrigation

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Ollas Watering System

Olla Watering Irrigation: You burry these terra cotta containers in your soil up to the mouth of the vessel. Add water inside and they slowly release it by wicking through the earthenware, keeping soil consistently damp, all while saving water-loss from evaporation.

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23 Awesome DIY Rainwater Harvesting Systems You Can Build at Home

Used tea bags can be recycled for smart purposes like getting rid of pests, cleaning windows, making soap, and 30 other things. Learn how to reuse tea bags.

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Housing Industry

Runnels — the technical term for narrow channels used to move water from one place to another — were once used for irrigation purposes and as rudimentary drainage systems, but they make intriguing landscape elements on their own. Click on pin for Pinterest tips for the housing industry.


This is the way we're thinking of treating the edges of our pond at the farm. And planting purple Louisiana Irises at the edge.