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Plantars Fasciitis is not really a diagnosis; it's a symptom. Broken into its parts, “plantar” is the bottom surface of the foot. It's just the anatomical region’s name. “Fascia” is the anatomical region of the #pain, meaning "within the fascia", and “itis” means swollen. So, by the very definition of the words #PlantarFasciitis, you can now understand that the #fascia in the bottom of your foot is swollen. Not only do feet swell, in a lot of cases the fascia is so "angry" that it recoils…


FAQs: 1. How long do you Fasciablast each area? 3-5 minutes per "zone" at first - you can work up to 10 minutes per zone ( 2. How hard do you rub the blaster? It hurts! From 1-10 your pain level should be NO MORE than a 7. Watch my YouTube video “How hard do I FasciaBlast you ask?” for more info. 3. How often are you supposed to use it? This varies; if you have 1 or more specific trouble areas we suggest you FasciaBlast that same area every 3 or so days…