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Fast Helmet

A quality IIIA ballistic FAST helmet for just $250 during the preorder! Http://


ops-core: Up-Armor Side Covers Ballistic (Slim Profile)Attachment to FAST Helmet ARCs is tool-less and takes less than a minute Comprised of durable carbon fiber exterior and a ballistic puck interior Compatible with all Ballistic and Non-Ballistic FAST Helmets $289.00

from eBay

Fast Style Base Jump Helmet Navy Seal Carbon Shell Helmet BJ-DE

This Ops-Core helmet is one version of what the newest generation of military helmets are looking like. USSOC just bought 5 million dollars worth of Ops-Core ballistic helmets for Special Operations troops.


Aviatrix is a fun, fast pattern for the cutest, best fitting baby helmet you will find. Worked on straight needles with instructions for 3 weights of yarn and 6 basic sizes this will become your “go to” last minute baby hat pattern, unassuming when it comes off the needles it needs to be placed on a baby’s head to reveal it’s true potential!