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Fat vs Muscle –123 lbs or 137 lbs? just goes to show that the number on the scale might not be that important

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---yes, yes, and YES! We weigh more than before we started lifting, but we look slimmer.- 21 secrets girls who lift won't tell you

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5 pounds of fat or 5 pounds of muscle??

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pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle! Still sad you've "only" lost 5lbs??!!

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FAT VS MUSCLE - Lift Weights

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1 Pound Of Muscle vs. 1 Pound of Fat |

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Fat vs muscle

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Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss Lose to Win: How To Lose Fat Instead of Weight. To lose weight: means you want to decrease the number on the scale, which weighs your body, which is made up of muscles, organs, fat and bones. To lose weight you simply have to restrict calories. To lose fat: means you want to decrease the amount of fat that is in your body, it is responsible for increasing the size. To lose fat, you have to control your hormones.

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The Key to Losing Weight (The Lose It App

INFOGRAPHIC: HOW MUCH IS A POUND OF FAT? 3500 kcal. If your goals for the new year look anything like the rest of Americas, then theres a good chance you want to lose a few pounds. What will it take to lose the weight? The numbers might surprise you. To lose just 1 pound of fat, you have to burn about 3,500 calories.

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