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BRB, I got something in my eye. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos

I sea what they did there. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos

A Beach Boys quote? Totally rad. | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos FONT

Father Daughter tattoo done by Lisa Kofakis at Crimson Heart Designs Tattoo Studio

Future tattoo! It represents the father-daughter bond.

I want this. For both of my dads. Love them both so much!!

  • Jesika Rosenau

    This idea is cute, however I researched it and this is not the Triskelion. Nor does it specifically mean a bond between father/daughter. It has a very open meaning, and I'm looking into getting it tattooed!

There's one in here that I love the font.... not that I want to get one with my dad

Should you and your partner get matching tattoos? - Life Feature -

celtic father and daughter symbol | triskele or triskelion is a Celtic symbol meaning progression and ...

Holy Cuteness, Batman! | 17 Totally Badass Matching Father And Daughter Tattoos

My father daughter tattoo

father+Daughter+Tattoos+Designs | ... (16) Gallery Images For Father Daughter Matching Tattoos Ideas

tattoo done by Little David at Prick in San Antonio, Texas - the quote is from a poem the father, who passed away last year, wrote to his daughter -in his handwriting found in a xmas card

This would be a great father daughter tattoo (it was labeled father son though )

My tattoo(: its the celtic knot symbol for the bond between a father and daughter. In my dads birthstone :) happy fathers day dad :)

father daughter celtic knot - Google Search

infinity tattoo mother daughter - Google zoeken

Daughter Gets Tattoo of Father's Final Message to Her

Probably the most inspiring tattoo I've found. a silhouette of a father walking with his little daughter. Breathtaking use of shadows.

I am my father's daughter tattoo | Chest words Female Tattoo - Nina Gaudin - 12th Avenue Tattoo Nampa, ID...

Tattoo representing our family, mother, daughter and son.

My second tattoo! Celtic knot that represents a bond between a father & daughter. The blue is the December birthstone. "Tá iníonacha chèad ghrá a hathair" ; "A daughters first love is her father"

3 intertwined open Hearts signifying mother, father, and child OMG i love this!! ♥ bc we can add on to it once we're ready to have more! :D this is a good idea!! I'm just not sure I'm brave enough to actually get a tattoo

Infinity tattoo ideas are not just desired by couples in love, these tattoos are equally liked by siblings, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons and so on.