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Fear Factor Games

from Inner Child Fun

Ideas for Spooky Sensory Halloween Boxes

Spooky Sensory Halloween Boxes -- I did this with my year 4 (aged 8) class for descriptive recounts, except we called it Feely Meely... Tinned whole tomatoes for "hearts", twiglet/pretzels for bat bones... put the bowls inside black bin bags to contain mess in the classroom. Also used blindfolds, so a buddy had to escort a blindfolded student, then they swapped

from BabyCenter Blog

13 freaky challenges that make the kids squeal

This list is AWESOME! 13 freaky challenges to make the kids squeal! #BabyCenterBlog

from Your Friendly Mormon Neighbor

Fear Factor: The Mutual Activity

AHH! That is so cute, yet so disgusting! The kitty litter cake would be a perfect dessert at dinner time for the cake! There's also a few silly challenges with the link.