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WEBSTA @ flame314 - The very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear, you are more valuable than many sparrows. - Luke 12:7


Isn’t it funny when people ask me for my opinion they typically can’t take it? Isn’t it sad that when I get emotionally slutty people flee in fear of my inner intensity? How crazy is it that I could go an hour staring away from you and notice every move you make? Isn’t it baffling that all those who've tried to understand me eventually gave up? And isn’t it ironic that every single one of them, and you, will think of me again; over and over again. INFJ refuge


Don't let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.


Religious "morals" are shit. Thank goodness that we have a bunch of lip service, armchair, religious people who never read their corrupt instruction manual. Because if we did we would live in a violent hateful murderous society full of fear, religious oppression and barbaric delusion.


This makes me so sad. People should be able to exercise their religious beliefs. The hijab doesn't hurt anyone. Now it has become a target.


A special edition of OPEN MY EYES Scripture Writing is over at The Felicity Bee. The enemy uses fear to hold us captive and to prevent us from moving on in God's will. I pray this Scripture Writing plan would cause you to live a life without fear as you discover the promises God gives us in His Word.


This is what I have been saying too. I am now more worried for my gender, minorities, lgbtq, and anyone who else that fears these types of violent attacks and discrimination.