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Fecal Impaction – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing care Incomplete evacuation of feces, leading to formation of a large, firm, immovable mass of stool in the rectum (70%), sigmoid flexure (20%), or proximal colon (10%) Read more:


Gastrointestinal Complications (PDQ®): Supportive care - Patient Information [NCI]-Fecal Impaction

What to Do If Your Bowels Get Impacted

What causes constipation? Well, the obvious culprits include a low fiber diet, repeatedly ignoring the urge to go, not drinking enough water, or a lack of exercise. Here are 13 possible causes of constipation you may not have considered. |


A guide to encopresis, a condition that mostly happens in children and involves fecal impaction and incontinence.


I got this simple colon cleansing elixir made from equal parts spinach and apple juice from John Heinerman. The oxalic acid in the spinach mixes with the pectin and mineral salts in the apples and heightens it's laxative properties. Drink this mixture every 4 hours to help any holiday constipation woes! This magic mix is amazing for helping to scrape off impacted fecal matter from the walls of the colon.