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And tired of having it pointed out in all the ways you try to point out to me and everyone else.


Sarah you can kick rocks!! I'm fed up with your anger. You are so vulgar and angry and I cannot stand it anymore. If you want to hold a garage go ahead. I'm tired of proving my good to you and you don't see it. Constantly trying to defend myself from attacks from you and your family.


If you are fed up with 'surviving' rather than THRIVING in your life, sick of being a version of yourself that is only a small part of what is possible, than make a change!! YOU are the only one in control of the path your life takes, if you don't like the one your on, chose to follow a new one!


Its called selfishness. They should've realized when u were there for them, instead of waiting til ur fed up with the relationship. Its sad but true.


Veronica Roth - quote-I am fed up. I am fed up with tears and weakness. But there isn’t much I can do to stop them.Source: #VeronicaRoth #quote #quotation #aphorism #quoteallthethings