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Federal Election Results

Activist Who Took Credit For Violent Chicago Protests Was On Hillary’s Payroll Read more:

from ABC News

Court Denies Tribe's Appeal to Block Dakota Access Pipeline

A federal appeals court Sunday night denied a Native American tribe's request for an injunction to block construction of a four-state crude oil pipeline.


House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to remake America in his dystopian image, and he's one election away from doing. He's got the tool—now he only needs the White House. The tool is budget reconciliation, a procedural sledgehammer than can be used for...

And just a few days later, the pussy grabbing began. And still...AND STILL...the mob says "Give us Barabas."

Trump Pays NO Federal Taxes. Says he's "Smart." What does this make us small business owners and Citizens? Stupid? Not stupid enough to vote for Trump!