AT&T to Pay $80 Million to FTC for Consumer Refunds in Mobile Cramming Case (also T-Mobile) ~~ SOOO...I keep getting this texts from AT&T about a possible refund to be issued for unauthorized charges. :-/ So I looked it up and it is legit. Link goes to FTC website...I called the number for the AT&T claim as there are other carriers involved...most notably T-Mobile.

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What do you think of the Federal Trade Commission's decision to investigate Herbalife?

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The Federal Trade Commission's mission is to prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair to consumers. Visit their site if you would like to browse topics such as consumer protection or avoiding scams and rip-offs.

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Federal Trade Commission: Protecting America's Consumers. Important info regarding getting endorsements for books. Say, "I received the book for free through…" as a disclosure.

Federal Trade Commission Scam Alerts - Stay a step ahead with the latest info and practical tips from the nation’s consumer protection agency.

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