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Federalism Examples

( – Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) released his second “Federal Fumbles” report on Monday calling out 100 examples of the misuse of taxpayer dollars through out-of-control government spending and regulation.

9 Shockingly Stupid Examples Of Federal Government Waste

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Koreatown landlord accused of targeting and harassing Latino and disabled tenants

Civil rights advocates file a federal discrimination lawsuit against an LA real estate firm on behalf of 15 tenants. In interviews with The Guardian, they provided heartbreaking examples of how they were treated.

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In first, Illinois elects Asian Americans to federal, state, and county governments

For the first time in history, Illinois will simultaneously have Asian-American elected officials at federal, state, and county levels of government in an example of growing Asian-American political power - Image: Tammy Duckworth

The federal office tasked with enforcing the Hatch Act, which is meant to ensure federal officials don't conduct political activities at taxpayer expense, recently described a prime example of a violation the law was written to prevent. A supervisor within the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security who also served as a member of the Montgomery County, Maryland, Republican Central Committee had disregarded the department's warnings. The official conducted political activities…

But the de facto reality of modern America is that the executive branch of the U.S. government has usurped an enormous portion of government powers reserved by the Constitution in its original form to other branches of the federal government or to state governments. The president, for example, now sends U.S. troops into war at his personal whim, completely ignoring the constitutional stipulation that Congress issue a declaration of war first. A huge percentage of federal laws that control…

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The Misadventures of Fannie and Freddie

Gigantic government’s complexity and opacity provide innumerable opportunities for opportunists to act unconstrained by clear law or effective supervision. Today’s example, involving the government’s expropriation of hundreds of billions of dollars, features three sets of unsympathetic actors — a grasping federal government, a few hedge funds nimble at exploiting the co-mingling of government and the private sector, and two anomalous institutions that should never have existed. The two are…


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