everybody gets them. Lest give a smile, a compliment, an ear, to someone who might be having one.

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Everyone says I'm too sensitive and that I have to toughen up. I'd rather go through life feeling everything and every emotion...than to be NUMB. I agree with you girls though. I am the first person to laugh...but also the first one to cry when I'm sad. And as you know...this is the saddest time of my life. I've been preparing myself for this for years...but I never thought it would come all at once.

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Today this is not true, however in the past i have lived many of these days. Yet as i now walk abundant in gratitude of my past I walk with the angels, the gods and only now can I laugh out loud at what's now so behind me. including this moment, Life & learning are just wonderful! Namaste - MBR®

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It's what we do. We can't show anyone that we feel bad. We have to make everyone think we are perfect. It's the biggest lie anybody has witnessed.

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