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Change this to "How do you think the character feels?" and hang in story corner to facilitate discussions. Might help students elaborate a little on the "good", "bad" and "sad" answers that sometimes lean on. At the bottom, add a "why do you think that" or a "how do you know" to help with inferencing.

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Simple feelings chart for young kids. I think this covers most of the bases for preschoolers, except for nervous/anxious and confused.

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The Only Back-To-School Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need

Remember to "check in" to see how you're feeling today. This important step can help you refrain from acting on your self-destructive symptoms. Recovery means that you learn how to accept and process your feelings instead of avoiding them by acting on your self-destructive behaviors.

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five point scale printable | Incredible 5 point scale - Sticking My Neck Out For Students

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Feelings Poster - English Laminated

"How Are You Feeling Today"? poster (Spanish version also available). Child Therapy Toys - Feelings Poster - Laminated

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