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Female Angel Names

The song is Angeles by Enya. I was going to pin it to my Celtic Music board and ignore the pictures, but I couldn't. There are a number of pictures of Sirius the dogstar who represents the goddess Isis, Ishtar, Semiramis, Diana to name a few of her names. Also, almost all of the angels are female. There is no such thing as female angels. All angels in the Bible, whether fallen or not were MALE. Female angels were a creation of the Kabbalistic false religions.


Female USNA grad named to Blue Angels squadron


Cloudbase is defended by the Angels, a squadron of five female pilots named Destiny (squadron leader), Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony, who fly the Angel Interceptor fighter aircraft.[25] In addition, the organisation incorporates a fleet of Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles (SPV) hidden in secret locations around the world | Supermarionation Forever - Captain Scarlet - Destiny Angel


Dog Stands Guard For Toddler Found He Abandoned In The Woods

In Jacksboro, Minnesota, a toddler was found abandoned in a hog pen in a heavily wooded area. But the toddler wasn’t alone, he had a guardian angel watching over him. His guardian angel was a female Pit Bull named Dixie. The …


battle angel alita last order | Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 93 - Read Battle Angel Alita: Last ...


There are no female angles. Every Angel spoken of in the Bible are male. This is a good example of what they are described as. Skin like burnished bronze....Brilliant white that is bliding. POWERFUL.

from Fashion Week

Josephine Skriver named Victoria's Secret Angel

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Is Suki Waterhouse The Newest Victoria's Secret Model?