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"You sure I look ok with my hair cut so short." She looked at _____, she grinned. _____'s face was twisted into a annoyed face. "You've asked me that at lest five times already I the last seven minutes. YOU!!! LOOK!!!! GREAT!!!! If he doesn't want you because a goon cut your really long hair to shoulder length, and your fine with out a scratch other than that. Then dear he's not the man for you."


My name's Emerence Zhang. I'm 19 and a hunter. I haven't had any contact with the Winchesters yet. But I'm not gonna lie, I want nothing to do with them. Everyone around them seems to die. Like Jo, who was my best friend. I'm focused and am a hard worker. Once you earn my trust almost nothing can take it away. But it's hard to earn. I work alone for now, but I'm uncomfortable doing so. I need a partner.(character credit to Dandi)