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"You sure I look ok with my hair cut so short." She looked at _____, she grinned. _____'s face was twisted into a annoyed face. "You've asked me that at lest five times already I the last seven minutes. YOU!!! LOOK!!!! GREAT!!!! If he doesn't want you because a goon cut your really long hair to shoulder length, and your fine with out a scratch other than that. Then dear he's not the man for you."

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Hello! I'm Christina Colby. I play softball and I enjoy reading and writing. You'll find me at the field playing catch. I also do karate, don't let the looks fool you. I'm 17 years old and taken.


Hailey Henson- Gunnar's mate (22). Hailey was born in Sweden to an American mother and Swedish father. She has a love for cooking and baking and will often be seen grocery shopping for the men of the house. She is very tomboyish and will often be seen with her headphones in, listening to heavy rock.