Como Zoo is continuing its recent baby boom and is thrilled to announce the addition of a baby western lowland gorilla to its troop. The female gorilla was born in the evening hours of Sunday, February 22, 2015, to first-time mother Dara inside the day room of the Gorilla Forest exhibit. At approximately five pounds at birth, the baby gorilla appears healthy and strong.…/its-a-girl-como-zoo-i…/

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zooborns: Rare Gorilla Twins Surprise Staff at Burgers’ Zoo When zoo keepers entered the Gorilla House at the Netherlands’ Burgers’ Zoo on June 13, they were taken by surprise: N’Gayla, the 20-year-old female Gorilla, had delivered twin babies overnight! Check out ZooBorns to see many more photos and to learn about this happy surprise!

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Jengo the baby gorilla enjoys a bout of tickle time with adult gorillas in his enclosure at Leipzig Zoo in Germany. Jengo lapped up his play...

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Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla). The gorilla, the largest of the living primates, is a ground-dwelling omnivore that inhabits the forests of Africa. Female Skull

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Female gorillas have been documented engaging in lesbian sex for the first time. The behaviour was observed by scientistsduring a research trip to the Rwandan section of the Virunga mountain range in central Africa. The wild mountain gorillas observed by a team led by Dr Cyril Grueter of the University of Western Australiaare believed to gain pleasure from having sex and may do it when they have been rejected by males. While many species of male primates are well known to engage in…

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'Gorilla Stare' - photo by by Evan Animals, via Flickr; "This beautiful female Gorilla at the Bronx Zoo sat down and ONLY moved her eyes – it was so funny. She had a proper pose and had such googley eyes."

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