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Just for Fun Friday

The high quality fence will make you spend more money. So, you can make the fence by your own. It will be cheaper. Determine the vegetable garden fence design that you like. The design includes the raised beds design and the fences. The stock lumber...


A double fence around a vegetable garden will keep the deer out. I like the hog panels. Apparently, smaller fencing at bottom to keep out the rabbits.


How to Plan for a Garden

Now is the time to plan for your Garden, but where to start? Try beginning with this guide on how to plan for your garden.


20 Tips For Gardening With Dogs

Use a Fence. When all else fails, protect your beds and borders with a low fence. Here, a low picket fence was all that was required to keep this bouncy bruiser at bay. You'll be surprised at how even the most meager fence can be a visual barrier for your dog. Here's a Hint: Check your fence once a month to be sure your pet hasn't dug an escape route or gnawed a hole through a hidden corner.

DIY Garden Fencing

DIY garden fence or Josie pin: Unrolled the wooden fencing, placed the wire fencing on top, and stapled it to the wooden fencing. Make sure you put the smooth side of the wire on top, so you won't be scratched each time you reach in.


Deer proof garden fence! Last year it was the rabbits - this year it is the deer. I have to get something up. Another site said it only needs to be 3 feet high to deter them. They won't jump it unless they're scared or can't find anything else to eat. (I have neighbors with gardens)


This is exactly how I want the fence around the veggie garden please ❤️❤️❤️ keep the dogs out and let the sun in and it's beautiful!


Removable Raised garden Bed Fence

I made chicken-wire fences for my raised beds years ago -- with three sides fixed in place and one removable panel. The removable panel fastens to the fixed sides with wire ties. But is another (and perhaps handier) way to secure them.