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Tuscan Braised Fennel

My friend Bill Hovard's Tuscan Braised Fennel recipe: Bill says: "I learned this recipe from my dear friend Isabella in the Tuscan hills outside Siena Italy. A classic Italian side dish."

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Braised Fennel

Fennel bulbs braised until tender in anise liqueur and stock, then garnished with fennel fronds and orange zest. Delicious! On

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Fennel Apple Salad with Walnuts & Arugula

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How to Prepare, Cook and Grill Fennel, with Fennel Recipes

For a Memorial Day side dish, nothing's easier than produce. All you do: Prep veggies as directed, brush lightly with oil, and sprinkle with salt. Arrange in a single layer on a medium-high grill, cook for the time listed, and season as suggested. Each of

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Roasted Fennel

Quick and easy roasted fennel recipe. Sliced fennel oven roasted in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. ~

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Braised Fennel and Shallots with Parsley and Orange Zest

Braising sounds fancy, doesn’t it? This classic, refined cooking method promises a combination of caramelized flavor and long-cooked tenderness, nudged along by gentle heat and a solicitous chef. To braise vegetables gives them their proper due, and it's the perfect treatment for all kinds of spring produce — especially wedges of sweet fennel.

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Roasted Fennel Soup

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence! Here it is the middle of January already. The days are flying by no matter how hard I try to live in the moment and all that. I had a lot of recipes I was pla…

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Roasted fennel

Roasted fennel with parmesan cheese. Easy to prepare and makes a nice crunchy side dish. |

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Fennel - its nutritional health benefits and how to use it in the kitchen, including a round up of some amazing fennel recipes. Click here to learn more:

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Grilled Fennel with Parmesan and Lemon

Grilled Fennel with Parmesan and Lemon Serving Size: 2 slices • Calories: 58

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